Packaging Design, Line Extension

D’Amati amabile


– Naming. Packaging design. Image editing. Final artwork –

Binderer St. Ursula Weinkellerei GmbH

The sucessful Italian semi-dry wine range of “D’Amati” should be extended by a semi-sweet wine. The clients should immediately regognize the brand “D’Amati” and concurrently realize that the product contains also semi-sweet wine.

The name “D’Amati amabile”, the German additional word “lieblich” and the colour code immediately shows the buyers that this wine is a semi-sweet one.
In addition to that gentle variations concerning the composition of the front and back labels were done.

Created at Binderer St. Ursula Weinkellerei GmbH.

amabile_01b amabile_02 23221-000_Faltschachtel 23093-000_Tray 23140-000_Sockel